The Bible isn't all bullshit... Ask and ye shall receive, sometimes at least. I just asked at the bus terminal if I could leave my stuff there until my bus leaves, and the guy pointed to a place on one wall where other people's stuff was already stacked. I pulled out my padlock to secure the two bags together, and a lady who worked there came over and asked me when my bus was to leave; I told her 6PM, and she offered to let me put my two bags behind the counter. Very nice. No more schlepping today, except for my laptop, which I prefer to have with me.

An hour or two ago, I bought some denatured alcohol and curitas at a pharmacy, lanced 3 of my infected sores with my knife, cleaned them, and put a band-aid on each. They're still painful, but I'm hoping this will speed recovery. I'm usually in favor of letting the body do its own healing, but sometimes I can't help mucking around with it.

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