Now I know where the second class bus terminal is in Oaxaca; just on the opposite side of town from where I was looking for it previously, and not far from the hostel where I was staying last time, where I just stored most of my luggage for MX$10 per day.

The AU station is where I can get a bus to Veracruz, but the guy at fypsa wouldn't tell me how to get to it other than "take a taxi", so fuck it, I'm gonna take my time, check out OCC, look for the Oaxaca-Pochutla express minibus, and if nothing appeals to me, try to stay in Oaxaca till Saturday. It'll be tight because I've only got MX$620 left, and the hostel is MX$70 per night. Of course I could eat using my credit card, but would rather not; places that accept them tend to be overpriced.

Can't reach the free wifi from The Italian Coffee Company, dammit. Guess I'll have to go up the street to Los Cuiles for my Internet fix.

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