Bit the bullet and paid up the hostel for 4 more nights, to Saturday morning. I really don't want to backtrack to Zipolite despite the thought of seeing golden-haired Swedish babes lounging around naked. Next year.

Yesterday morning I paid MX$30 for a breakfast of chorizo with beans and tortillas. It had about 3 links of chorizo. This morning I walked straight down Cabrera from the southwest corner of the Zócalo to the second market (Mercado 20 de Noviembre), where all the food stalls are, and entered halfway down that block, right across from the Bancomer. There I ran into the meat vendors I had seen my last trip through, but at which I hadn't stopped due to spending that day with a young woman who was decidedly vegetarian. Anyway, for the same MX$30, I got a half kilo -- maybe 12 or more links -- of the same chorizo, and they cook it for you on the spot for no extra charge (or, possibly, it would have cost less uncooked). Now, that's a meal that might last me the whole day. By way of contrast, I then went to one of the other vendors to sit down, and ordered chocolate de agua, which set me back MX$20. It did include a pan de yema, but still, what a difference in nutritional value.

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