Like most Mexican websites I've experienced, Ticketbus sucks under Firefox. All database queries come up "null", even if I correct the date from their funky Javascript calendar. So I used IE and got the info I wanted: Veracruz first class, MX$356, three different schedules. Second class (AU terminal), MX$282, leaves at 2230. Matamoros is only available first class from Oaxaca, for MX$1148. Think I'll pass on that one. Nothing to Cancun nor Tulum. Looks like my next stop will be Veracruz after all, though I'm undecided whether or not to try and find the Rainbow gathering. And I might spend another week here at Hostal Santa Isabel, now that I've found the Gigante supermarket only a few blocks away, and am saving money cooking my own food. I did dip into my credit card for a US$5 dollar meal, but other than that I've been pretty much behaving myself, thanks in part to being sick. And I've still got another MX$50 in my pocket.

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