This afternoon I found the AU bus terminal. From the Zócalo: follow Independencia west until it curves around to the right and becomes Calzada Francisco Madero, at the Gigante store. Keep following it north, keeping the railroad tracks to your left. After about an hour, you'll see a park of sorts on your right, mostly dead grass with a few maguey (agave), sotol, and cactus plants. This is a 5-way junction; cross it carefully in the same direction you've been going. On the far side of the junction your road splits into two; bear left for Madero, not right, which is Carretera Cristobal Colon going to Mexico City. The AU station is a brightly colored red-and-yellow building just ahead on your right.

I was still feeling adventurous after that, so I took a different but, it turned out, roughly parallel route that brought me right back to Independencia a block east of the Gigante.

Only the sore on my left leg is still oozing. The rest have all improved but most are still infected, judging by the pain. This has been the worst day for my throat so far, but I've managed to avoid constant coughing, which only makes things worse. And it's only about 16 hours more till I get paid. I think I'll make it.

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