It's fucking impossible to buy a lighter in this town! Apparently only a few street vendors in the Mercado area sell them... nothing in the stores that I could find. Finally ended up buying some matches. Didn't finish cooking breakfast till around noon.

Found the Soriana store again, much easier this time, just going east from the Zócalo to the Periferico, heading south, and when the Periferico bears right head straight, which is Universidad. Just follow that until it too turns (left), and the Soriana is right in front of you. The baños are on the left, inside the entryway before you actually enter the store. And they're free! There's a huge cinema in that shopping center too, in case I want to blow some money. The hostal gave me a one-day discount when I paid for a week; the lady gave me the "shush" signal but I'm gonna assume it's OK to blog it.

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