It took me until the full moon to finish my new moon shave, due to the infected sores on my face, but finally I'm clean-shaven again as of yesterday afternoon.

Looks as though it could be at least another week till the infections are gone. A few have healed. It's a slow process, and my monkeying with it does not seem to have had much effect; probably better to just let my immune system handle it.

Re-reading James Herod's Getting Free a second time. I'm trying to understand why some of the writing rankles me so much. The word "capitalist" for one, used to describe the oppressor, bugs me because I was once a small-time capitalist; I used credit to buy machinery, "the means of production", then hired a bunch of guys and paid pretty decent wages. Eventually, as with many small-time capitalists, the business died and I ended up selling the machinery for pennies on the dollar, remaining in debt. So who ended up better off, the capitalist or the proletariat? Anyway, despite the leftist language, the book is full of good ideas, and I highly recommend it.

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