Ran again this morning. Yeah! Feels good to feel good.

Yesterday I googled for natural remedies for staph and strep, and found this page that indicates onion can help with both, even penicillin-resistant strains. It says to use a poultice of onion with honey; but lacking honey, I just cut off a slice of onion and held it against the bad area with my sock. This is the one on my lower left leg: a 3cm by 4cm ugly, scabbed-over, area fringed with redness and swelling. At least, that's how it looked yesterday. I wish I'd taken "before" and "after" pictures. The onion slipped down during the day and night, I guess, because it was only covering the lower half. I removed it after running this morning, and it had not only dissolved the scab away, but there is much less inflammation! It looks way better. I'll have to try it on the right hand now, and possibly on the new little bump on my left hand. This could possibly be an excellent cure for impetigo. It sure doesn't hurt to try.

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