I keep meaning to blog this, just for my own reference, but keep forgetting... someone on this trip, I think at hostel Jarachik in San Pedro la Laguna, gave me the ten cent summary of eye exercises: alternate between focusing on something near and something far, over and over. So, I've been doing it on and off for a month or so, especially when I'm reading and my eyes start to get tired. Haven't noticed any improvement yet, but if it eventually works, I want to have a reference as to how long I've been doing them.

I've been pretty productive writing lately: howtos on Tunnel Through a Firewall, Secure a Linux Server, Use SSH, and Make Coffee Using a Cloth Bag Filter; and Oaxaca on about $12 per day at AssociatedContent.com.

I'd seen some date palms here in Oaxaca, but this morning, walking back from north of the Zócalo, I saw the unmistakable fronds of a coconut palm. Here in the desert! I guess it rarely if ever drops below freezing; those things can't handle the cold. It looked pretty old, too, maybe 20 or more. That thing's been sucking a lot of water for a long time.

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