Damn. I let myself get into "party mode" last night, and not only spent all of today's cash, but put MX$70 on my credit card for a small bottle of mezcal. And if I want to eat anything today other than rice and eggs, I'll need to use it again for a restaurant.

And double-damn, I have two new (as of yesterday) lesions, one on the back of each hand. They hurt like hell. I think I'm going to make bandages out of the stretchy part of two socks -- I have extras -- and try the onion trick on them. My leg is almost completely healed after a second day with an onion slice. And that looked, and felt, the worst of all. But why am I getting new ones? That I can't figure out. My immune system is obviously going to work on them, or they wouldn't be burning like they are.

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