I heard from a fellow couchsurfer, who visited India, that the healers avoid eating onion and garlic on a regular basis. That way, when they need these foods for their healing power, they get more benefit from them than they would if their bodies were used to them.

I successfully made two beers last an hour (each) this evening, by constraining myself to at least 10 repetitions of the near-far eye exercises between sips. I don't know if I can do that every day, but it's a start.

I got some pictures of the guy in the mercado who made a knife-sharpening machine out of a bicycle -- one very apt use of that otherwise obsolete machine, since it leaves the hands free. It could probably be improved by the use of a flywheel though. Anyway, I plan to publish them, preferably on some "appropriate technology" websites.

As I mentioned before, I have my ticket to Veracruz, MX$282, and I'll probably start walking to the AU terminal about 2100. If all goes well, I'll be resting on the beach tomorrow about noon. The onion seems to be helping my lesions, but they still hurt like hell, except for the one near my wrist which is relatively painless; about like it was before I tried the garlic experiment yesterday.

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