The sores were all worse this morning, but the onion at least keeps the pain to a low level. Later today when I changed the dressing, I used a single layer rather than a slice. It doesn't look nearly so weird and it may accomplish the same thing.

Here in Veracruz the coconuts are dangling just barely out of reach, just like in Hollywood, FL. Still haven't found a solution after all these years; just something to raise myself a foot or two, or lengthen my reach a foot or two. A harness to help me climb the damned things, and if I get bonked on the head by a coconut, the worst that'll happen is I slowly slip back down the trunk...

I found the beach fairly early, but the water stunk of sewage and I didn't feel much like bathing in that, especially considering the bacterial lesions I'm already fighting. I went back to my hostel and took a shower instead. Later in the day I found a stretch of beach where the water had no bad odor to speak of, south of the city near a high-rise construction site, and took a nap on the dirty sand, up on a sandbar where the fucking cars and ATVs weren't constantly driving past. Since this, the only hostel I've found so far in town, is so goddamned expensive (US$15/night), I might leave all my heavy stuff in one bag at the bus station for MX$24 per 24 hours (per bag), and sleep during the day on the beach. But I don't know where I'll hang out at night in that case.

I'm supposed to have wifi here, but the guy couldn't give me the WEP key earlier in the day, and I haven't seen him the rest of the day. Not having any competition can make for lackadaisical customer service...

I'm thinking I won't go to the rainbow gathering. They're prohibiting alcohol and electronics, and there are ticks. And, one of the main points of emphasis is "praying for peace"; which I'm opposed to, since I don't have any regard for a god who listens to humans pray, and I think low-level warfare is good for the species anyway. Besides all that, there will be naked chicks walking around, and with my enfermidad I won't be able to get laid. Why make myself suffer like that?

I might just get on the next bus to Matamoros, after spending the night here at the hostel, since I already paid for it. This town is too expensive, like Puerto Vallarta, though I did find some relatively inexpensive seafood restaurants along Arista street. A pretty young girl with piercings all over her face was handing out flyers, and she and her friend walked me to the place, an ugly pink-and-blue building on the corner of Arista and Landero y Coss. The name of the restaurant -- there are several sharing the same building -- is Parrillada Jarocha, and I had the Sopa de Mariscos for MX$70: prawns, clams, crabs, fish, and octopus in a spicy broth. Excellent. Fuck those goddamned overexpensive seafood restaurants on the beach, which want MX$100 and up for a plate of ceviche. I'm going to South Padre for a much better deal, and live music to boot.

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