I'm gonna try it. I put all my heavy electronics shit into my big duffel bag, and took it to the luggage storage place at the bus station. After that, I jogged until I could feel my thighs being chafed. I'd forgotten about that happening in humid climates... will have to find some solution for that.

Another thing I'd forgotten is how to open a coconut. I was trying to whittle away at the bumpy, woody end, then finally decided to try the stem end; that was successful almost immediately. Drank the coco-water, then threw the rest back down by the roadside where I'd found it.

I've been walking the rest of the morning looking for Sanborn's again for a cup of coffee and pan dulce, but finally decided to try Gran Cafe de la Parroquia instead. It's probably a better place for espresso, but for good filtered coffee you just can't beat Sanborn's.

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