On Santos Perez Abascal, where it meets the coastal highway Camacho, there's a little seafood place called Don Dany's, with an excellent caldo de mariscos for only MX$35. They have a typical offering of beers from the Cuauhtemoc Moctezuma line, nothing from Modelo, and no coffee (just Nescafe), but the great prices on seafood make it a worthwhile stop anyway. They also let me plug in my laptop to recharge it, but I asked too late, and still only have a few minutes on the battery. I made some Couchsurfing inquiries -- don't know why I didn't think of that angle before -- and hope for a reply tonight.

My ears have been popping, indicating blockages. Having failed to bring one of those bulb irrigators, I used my drinking water out of a cup, sucking it into my mouth using the tube from my Katadyn base camp filter, then blowing it out into my ears. I didn't get any goop out, but that will hopefully have softened it, and next time I might be successful.

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