Stayed up all night, and slept most of the day, as planned. One more night of staying up, Carnaval night so it should keep me occupied; and then I have a couchsurfing gig starting in the morning. Yes!

Rundown on the infections: left leg: cured (still some rough skin, but I'm 99% sure all infection is gone); right ring finger: cured; right wrist: 95% cured. Backs of both hands still bad, left corner of mouth still a little painful. Haven't noticed any new lesions. Hoping for the best.

Went swimming twice today, when I had to get up to pee. The long Patagonia underpants make it easy, just pee inside the pants as I'm walking into the water, then just rinse out the pants in the Gulf. Naturally, I went far down the coast into Boca del Rio, where the water is relatively clean and doesn't smell like a sewer.

Checked out prices to Matamoros: the Uno line direct is MX$1036, but ADO to Tampico is MX$398 and Tampico to Matamoros MX$320, a savings of over MX$300! Plus I can split the trip into two legs and stay a week in Tampico, which might be my best option. The more I spend on travel in a week, the less cash I have for food and beer.

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