Ran into some artesanos last night, or rather they saw me attempting to sleep in the park near Sanborn's after the Carnaval concert last night, and offered to let me stay on the roof where they are. I accepted, but it turns out it cost me MX$100, since the owner or manager was in the hallway when I was leaving. He would have taken MX$150, all my cash, but I told him I needed to eat. Anyway, I have a place to stay now till Saturday in case the Couchsurfing thing doesn't work out. The hotel is on Constitución near Morelos. It's really cheap, the 3 artisans were sharing a room for MX$70 per night, and there are some rooms for MX$50. I think the place is run illegally, all the better.

Some ideas: medical uses for jellyfish or man-o-war? I saw some on the beach and was tempted to try them on my remaining sores. Laser surgery might work great on these too. Or just heat something red-hot and drive it right into the infection.

Good idea to carry some kind of bait pouch. I found some little fish and fish heads on the malecon this morning, and just carried a fish in my hand till I found a plastic bag. People here, not having the Cuban yo-yo reels, use bottles or small rectangular pieces of wood as reels.

Cops here haven't hassled me at all about sleeping on the beach, in that little Zócalo, or anywhere else. There are way too many of them, with their goddamned rifles, but they mind their business, so far.

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