Caught the 9PM bus to Tampico for MX$398, and after breakfasting at an inexpensive restaurant across from the terminal, walked down Av. 16 de Septiembre till it dead-ended at a train track and the river; then turned left and am walking towards the beach. Stopped in front of what looks like a school, and picked up an unsecured Linksys router.

The plan is to spend the day at the beach, sleeping and cleaning my clothes, and catch one of the 3 night buses starting at 2115 to Matamoros, for MX$320. Didn't get much sleep on the bus last night, and won't likely tonight either. It wasn't noisy in the front seat, and on first-class buses those have the most legroom, but for I just couldn't get comfortable, and my clothes were wet and the A/C was on. Covering with my rain poncho helped, but I was still cold.

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