OK, took a nap on the "grassy knoll", the median on Av. Bustamante just outside the ADO terminal, and am feeling a little less grumpy. The right hand is looking great, the left about like it was two days ago. It's still got some strep, I'm pretty sure.

Head left, up the hill (approximately north) from the bus station and you'll soon reach Ejercito Mexicano. Take a right and a couple of blocks away you'll reach the Wal-Mart at Blvd. A. Lopez Mateos. Supposedly (there's a sign indicating such) you take a left there and you'll get to the beach. A guy told me there are buses going there for 4.5 pesos. Anyway, for me that's all "next time". I can get my bath in South Padre tomorrow, and chances are the water will be a lot cleaner than on any Mexican beach. All I've got to do in Matamoros is find Calle 6 and head north. How difficult could that be?

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