An idea I've been chewing on for a few days: a clear plastic CD holder that expands out to form a large square, with a few cells in the center missing. Two sleeves in the form of an X in the square, going to the four corners, and two pieces of wire to go through these. A third wire that makes a circle. Somehow the two wires forming an X clip onto the circle to make a parabolic mirror, to which you attach a cooking pot at the focus. Naturally, you want the unprinted side of the CDs all facing the sun.

Some resources for frugal nomads in South Padre Island... there's a windmill-shaped thingie on the roadside, I forget exactly what it's called, that dispenses purified drinking water, 25 cents a gallon. Too bad they don't offer a liter for 10 cents, because 3/4ths of it got wasted in my case, but it was still a good deal. Beach access 3 and 11, at least, have free public restrooms; no need to go to a restaurant where you have to buy something in order to pee.

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