I've got a better idea for a hat/helmet: detachable frisbee-like ring for the brim, which can be used as a weapon for small game, and the crown of the helmet which can be a cooking vessel. It would have to be sized such that a heavy impact would not jam it down on the skull.

What's the purpose of registering oceangoing vessels under a particular national flag, anyway? Without doing so, would a vessel be disallowed from docking at ports in most countries? I think, from talking with other travelers, that there's already a huge market for cheap ocean transit, and if taxes and registration fees could be avoided, it would make it all the more likely that such transit might become available.

Down to two lesions, the left ring finger scab fell off today after the onion treatment. The right hand has at least 2 more days to healing, I think, and the left hand probably another week or more. The good news is, no new lesions have appeared in what, two weeks now? And there's no more pain, only itching, on the remaining two. It looks like I've got it licked, but won't feel safe until every last trace of the bacterial infection is gone.

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