Lots and lots of seaweed washed up on South Padre's shores over the last few days. This could be composted, used as the stink barrier in a humanure composting system, or made into charcoal once I figure out a simple way to do that. Also, there are thousands (millions?) of Portuguese Man-o-war too. They make a loud "pop" when you step on them that carries well even when the wind is blowing loud. I wonder if anyone has done any research on the edibility or nutritional value of the non-poisonous parts of jellyfish. I'll have to look that up sometime.

What causes suds in seawater if not pollutants? I'm not talking about the wave crests, I'm talking about the clumps of white bubbles that last for minutes to hours after washing up on shore. I don't know what possible source of saponins exist in sufficient quantities in ocean water to do this except for what was dumped in via graywater.

I'm trying to fast (half-fast; water, coconut water, beer, and coffee are OK) on Wednesdays, renaming the day Wetnessday to remind myself. I don't know if I have the will power to keep at it though. It's partially for economic reasons and partly for flushing my system at regular intervals. I'd like to also have one day devoted to living via hunting and gathering (Friday = Foragingday?) but not sure I'm ready for that yet. No coconuts in South Padre Island, that's one big disincentive for trying that.

Something I've been meaning to look up: ropesaws. I'm pretty sure they exist. That could be something very handy for an ultralight backpacker, something that can cut large branches of wood yet fit in a very small space.

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