Why don't pants come with spring-steel belt clips instead of cloth loops? I've never heard of pants falling up. Something like that would make it easier to use a waist pack as a belt, or to thread any belt.

Back on South Padre is a restaurant called China Garden, with a daily buffet for $5.60. The food was really good the day I ate there. With tea and tip it came to $7.50. It wasn't until I was a mile away or so that I realized I'd been shorted $10 in my change; after cursing and thinking negatively about what would happen if I went back at that point and tried to rectify things, I went back. The guy listened, looked in his cash register, and handed me $10. Cool.

Part of what helped me stay on budget this week was buying a large container of peanuts. I can't eat too many at a time due to the toxicity (alkaloids, I think) but they fill me up. I've still got maybe half a pound left. Obviously one can't go eating poisons every day, but once in a while it can maybe work.

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