Spent a good part of the day walking around El Paso, taking the route along Gateway West, under the highway past the cemetery, that I haven't taken in, I think, well over a year. I also jumped about 8 sets of tracks going south on Dallas Street, something I'd never done before. And saw a bunch of dumpsters with some good shit including some steel 55-gallon drums farther east along Texas Street. Ended up taking the #50 bus back downtown from Montana near Cielo Vista Mall, which was my destination. I had gone to see the folding aluminum luggage roller at Brookstone, but they didn't have them at the store. Oh well, I got some exercise.

Ate lunch at Sam's on 1501 East Yandell, on the advice of someone at UnknownCity.com. It wasn't bad, but the lunch menu item I chose, #19 Szechwan Pork for $4.55, wasn't very filling. Still, it came with a cup of hot and sour soup, and with a pot of hot tea and tip I got out of there for $7.50. Dinner was a couple of hot dogs at Wienerschnitzel for $2.83. The rest of the night is hopefully gonna be coffee and Internet at Kinley's House. Enough toxic peanuts and draft beer. They wreak royal havoc on my digestive system.

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