Just can't beat Erin's in El Paso for low prices. The most expensive thing on the menu is the shrimp coctail for $2.50. Almost everything is $2.00, and the chili dogs are 50 cents! I just ordered 2. They were $1.30 or so each at Wienerschitzel last night, so I'm curious to see how much less I get here. And of course, the Shiner Bock drafts are only $1.50 here. Not pints, mind you -- maybe 12 ounces at most -- but still, these are excellent prices for a friendly bar. If you're a regular blog reader, you'll know I've stopped in lots of El Paso bars and gotten hostile service at high prices.

I walked about 6 miles to get here... will probably take the bus back. This is the life, free place to sleep, cheap food and drink, even some untouched (or lightly touched) desert in which to walk and enjoy. Crossing the arroyo through UTEP yesterday, two wild-looking dogs (coyotes? wolves?) barked at me and walked away. One was reddish, the other tawny-colored. It was magical, this spot of desert in the middle of the city.

My chili dogs came out as I was typing: same if not better than what I got at Wienerschnitzel for less than half the price. It was worth the walk, for sure.

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