Whew. Spent a good part of the night, and most of the morning as well, trying to solve a challenging problem with the latest vlc sources. Somewhere in the past few months, the ability to make snapshots from videos got badly broken and nobody was apparently paying attention. Some of these changes are specific to my build machine, for example the packages added and removed and the modification to /usr/include/bits/posix_opt.h. Others are changes to the latest sources and a rewrite of the script found on the web. Finally, there's the log of the script running. I'm suffering from sleep deprivation, so expect some errors in there. Particularly, I modified the script to just use files for input and output, so the HTML is quite possibly wrong.

Most of the problems were previously solved by others and found by googling. A few things, like the vital symbol blithely logged "unexported" in the changelog, I had to figure out myself. Hopefully putting everything in one place here will help others.

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