Woke up on the same hill overlooking UTEP. Love sleeping in the hot sun after a cold night of walking about 16 miles back and forth along Mesa. I'm not at the Rib Hut just north up the street, waiting for my 1/2 pound sourdough burger for $6.50. Just came out. Not bad, but I'm blowing my whole day's allowance on this meal. Dumb.

I've been improving, in my mind, on an idea I have for a rocket stove made of two triangular pieces of extruded metal or ceramic. The two join to form an inverted T, with the bottom of the bottom triangle flat. Excellent stability, and if done right the triangles can fold flat for transport. Weight will be a bit of a problem, but the materials chosen can make a big difference. The unused rear half of the bottom triangle can be filled with dirt during use, for better stability in higher winds.

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