Missed one on the Technician level, passing it handily, then took the General level exam. I heard the guy tallying scores say I missed 13. Damn, I thought, but at least I can get started at the Tech level. Got my stuff together, and one of the examiners says something like "John, sit back down, will you? You have another test to take." I failed the Extra level test by 3 points, but I have my General class ham radio license! It'll take a week or two before I get my call sign, but I have to build or buy a transceiver anyway.

On my way to the bus stop there was a flea market on Dyer, and noticed a nice Oxygen scooter with 104-mm wheels. I asked the price: $8. Paid with a $20, got my change and ran to the bus with yet another set of wheels.

Then picked up my bags at my couchsurfing host's place, and headed to the meeting point at Famous Dave's. Ate lunch, got a ride home with a neighbor, and spent the rest of the day and night in sexual bliss... damn, just thinking about it makes me hard again.

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