Networking madness. I'm having a helluva time loading OpenWRT on the Buffalo AirStations; either I can't connect to them at all right after powerup, or there's some kind of spurious data being sent -- the LED is flashing constantly -- and the packets take several seconds to transfer, and eventually stop. One finally went through -- loaded the new firmware almost instantly -- but the other one is just not cooperating.

And the main Linksys router is also acting up, passing through DHCP answers from the upstream DSL router again, something I thought I had fixed a few days ago. That /sbin/hotplug turns out to be for WDS, and apparently nothing to do with the DHCP problem. Pisses me off.

Made some "trail mix" of pecans, almonds, figs, dates, and dried apricots for the last three days of last week, and added some barrel cactus fruits to it to stretch it out. It kept my hunger down, but at the expense of horrible smelling farts and loose stools. I'm not sure I saved much money either, but I didn't draw into my credit card so overall I'm happy. And back to a mostly-meat diet for this week.

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