In my pre-dawn dream I was taking a test. After a retake, the instructor told me I got the highest score, but I couldn't get the award for some reason or another (which I already knew in the dream). I had missed one question. "The same question as the first time?" I asked. He nodded and said "Columbia" (which I understood to mean Colombia). An Aussie bloke shouted out something like, "But that's true! The Battle of Orion".

Got the two Buffalo routers loaded with OpenWRT yesterday, using my old Compaq laptop. The ethernet port on the Dell is hosed, that's why it didn't work the other day. Now to just get the DHCP working from only one of them, I think lan_gateway needs to be set. The WDS was working fine until I shut down dnsmasq on cos3.

Got an idea for repairing the solar pump I burned out, making a reel out of a few 2x4s and a piece of pipe. That ought to haul it up all right, then I can check it out and see what it takes to rebuild it.

Got my call sign the other day, keep forgetting to put it in my pocket to blog it. No rush anyway, you won't be able to CQ me until I build or buy a transceiver.

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