I saw a few good flicks recently: Reign Over Me (normally Sandler makes me gag but he does an awesome job here), Sling Blade, Motorcycle Diaries (supposedly about Che Guevara), and peaceful Warrior.

Haven't bagged any more rabbits but it's only a matter of time. They're plentiful, undernourished, and slow. Even the jackrabbits are getting sluggish.

Still trying to simplify my HPV to something I can do easily. Thinking about something with 3 to 6 legs rather than wheels.

LEDs are so fucking expensive at Digi-Key, but prices on manufactured goods are constantly dropping. I saw an "LED hanging tent light" at Wally World for $6.74, that had maybe 20 of 'em in it. Almost doesn't make any sense to roll your own.

Left a note for the Pepper's (Deming supermarket) manager to stock Downtown Brown ale, and he agreed! The first two cases should arrive Tuesday. Just another small way I can build my universe the way I want it.

My cough is just about gone, but I'm still spitting phlegm, as predicted. I should be eating more hot peppers, but know that I won't until I get to the point where I'm growing my own.

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