The scrub forest approaching Gallup from the East is what my desert could look like with some coaxing. Ill have to come back and get some seedlings someday.

Several people have mentioned to me the idea of making some money with the computer "gigs" on Craigslist. Might be a better chance than trying to get the USPS to let me work only a few weeks per year.

Im so happy I brought my Oxygen scooter on this last trip to LA for the Electronic technician exam. Compared to skates, it is so much more stable, easy to use, pain-free, quick to mount and dismount, and easy to brake.

I got a ride with some friends from Columbus to Santa Monica; thought about spending some time on the beach but nixed it, heading to the city along Wilshire, going sometimes 4 blocks at a time propelled just by gravity on my scooter. Stopped in Koreatown, at the Choi Ganei Restaurant at 3916 Wilshire Blvd., for the spicy squid and a large bottle of OB beer. They made me pay in advance, probably because of my appearance. The squid was better than what I had at Coco Bang in San Fran last month, but still not as spicy as what I remember from east coast Korean restaurants.

Kennebunkport Porter has a nice chocolate flavor, like Mackesons Triple Stout. Found it at Trader Joe's on La Brea and 3rd, on my way to meet my Couchsurfing hosts for the night before the test.

Got up early Thursday and caught the Wilshire express bus downtown. Waited at 7th and Olive for the Foothills Transit bus. Some of them have free wifi! I figure I got at least 80 on the test, and hopefully close to 100. Had to guess on way too many, though. Left the test early, went to McD's for lunch, and caught buses back to LA downtown. Left my pack open, goddammit. Lost, at least, my drybag with chargers for my iPod and camera my tarp/poncho, and my two shopping bags. Not over $50 worth of stuff, probably, but annoying. Went to Home Depot on Wilshire just past downtown and got a locknut to replace the knurled nut that fell off my scooter.

Then went back to Hank's bar, which threw me out last time I was in town. No problem in early afternoon; there was a nice-looking, pleasant bartender (Ally) and only a few customers. Had a few beers and went to Greyhound. Thought I might have to wait till 0200 for a $63 fare to Deming, but no, there was one scheduled to leave in just a few minutes, at about 1830. Arrived in Deming about 0930 the next morning, did some shopping, and ate a burger at The Patio, outside of Pepper's while I waited for the Corre Caminos bus to Deming.

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