When people think of "homeless", they typically picture a smelly, shabby, low-life panhandling sleazebag who will steal anything that's not set into concrete and who feels the world owes him a living. That's why I'm coining the term "home-free" to describe those who, like me, choose to live without the burdens of home ownership because we believe it's better for us and for the world. I've only met a few other "homeless" who think this way -- Arcata's "Everest" is one of the few -- but many others are apparently ashamed of their "victim" status and are attempting to break out of it but aren't sure how. I hope to be a leader out of this quagmire, for those who want out.

I've been thinking about this "rickshaw" idea since I found a way, not long ago, of attaching the wheels from my bicycle trailer to the aluminum-frame backpack I acquired at a yard sale some months ago. Anyway, the current plan is to construct an open-frame rickshaw using 3/8 inch plywood, 2x4s, and 16-inch bicycle wheels that can carry not only my hydration pack -- allowing me to run an ultramarathon without a support team -- but also passengers, which might garner me a small fortune in tips here in Long Beach. If I don't get the USPS job, or even if I do, it could be a great source of extra income.

The weekly Metro pass is, at $17, a great deal for frequent users of the LA transit system. Be aware, though, that it's by calendar week, not for seven days from purchase; and that many vendors charge about $3 extra if you pay by credit card.

Another idea related to the pipeline I mentioned recently: some small percentage of the ocean water could be tapped along the way for desert shrimp farms. I wouldn't mind having one myself!

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