If I end up getting the ET job, I might place a classified ad to rent a flat roof, with ladder access, somewhere near my workplace. Urban camping is iffy, not so much because of muggers but because of cops.

It struck me while waiting for the "walk" light in Long Beach recently: to be fair to pedestrians, every other day, drivers should have to get out of their cars, push a button, and wait to get the green light. Why should those on foot get second-handed in that regard?

Just up the hill from the Chinatown Metro stop sits Hop Woo BBQ and seafood restaurant. I had number 95, curry seafood on rice. I told the waiter "very spicy", and for once, that's what I got. An excellent deal for $6.95 plus tax and tip. Cash only, though.

Speaking of excellence, try following an extra cold Guinness with an equally cold Fat Tire. The combination of flavors is awesome. It's less so when not as cold.

I sketched out some plans for my HPV ideas on napkins this morning, then snapped a photo. Something to do while the iPod charges.

I wonder if wheels for prototypes can be made of plywood. Drill a hole, rough out the wheel with a jigsaw, then put a bolt through the hole, tighten it onto the board with a nut, then spin it with a drill while rasping the edge.

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