Amazingly enough, the LAX international (Tom Bradley) terminal is still a TAZ providing wifi, some power, and a place to sleep. You need to go to terminal 3 if you need to pee in the wee hours, though; they close all 3 restrooms for several hours.

Take the Green Line to the airport stop, and get onto the shuttle on street level. Don't show your ticket to the G shuttle drivers unless they ask for it. When they drop you at Tom Bradley, continue ahead and to the left, up the stairs. When you enter, walk straight all the way to the back, and take the escalators up on either the left or right. The sleeping areas are on the ends, at the back under the windows. Go where the most people are already sleeping, and grab yourself a spot. Be prepared to have to move in case workers are cleaning.

I've done this several times over the years and never once was asked to see a plane ticket. But of course you never know; the next time could be the last. Always better to sleep on the beach somewhere during the day, whenever possible.

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