Left Los Angeles yesterday morning. I had a 3-hour layover in Fresno, and decided to get some sleep. East on Tulare a few blocks to Van Ness is a park, so I laid out my poncho/tarp and dozed off. Shortly thereafter, at about 11 on a Saturday morning, I awoke to lawnmowers all around me. Even ignoring the poor choice of timing, the goddamned grass didn't need mowing! And there were maybe 10 guys with mowers, going over and over the same spots. This was no free-market operation, but some kind of government make-work. Probably parolees doing "public service". Whatever. I got a signal from Holiday Inn, and found out that by continuing North on Van Ness for about 2 miles, then left (West) 3 blocks or so, I could get to Seqoia Brewing on 777 East Olive Avenue. So I did, and ate and drank (porter and ESB) until I missed my connecting bus. Took another nap in the park, then caught the next bus to Sacramento about 8 PM.

Leaving Modesto to arrival at Stockton was only seconds in subjective time. Obviously I must have slept, but it was like warp-speed travel through the space-time fabric.

Three Monkeys was closed on arrival to Sac, so I used my pevious blogs to find the Capitol Garage bar, paid my $5 cover, and will drink till closing. The next bus to Reno isn't till 0330.

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