When I got to Reno, I found out the Starbucks card now offers 2 hours of free ATT wifi each visit. Finally! And I'd just found one of the cards in Fresno.

The Platypus 6L water tanks are hard as hell to seal but they didnt yet crack after months folded in my knapsack. I'm using them, along with my hydration pack, to hold 4 gallons of water for Burning Man.

I had forgogten to write my confirmation number down, and from the pickup point at Twin City, had to walk a few blocks West to an open wifi AP with SSID default and open the email, then copy it into a text file on the iPod. It turned out later to be unnecessary; a picture ID was enough.

Over the last few days I read three Leon Uris books I'd picked up at the going-out-of-business sale at Acres of Books in Long Beach: The Haj, QB VII, and Topaz. That last was a bit boring to me, but I really like this author.

I hit on a better way to take food to BM: put everything in dry bags, and throw away the wrappers at the store.

It turned out I waited at the wrong place for almost 24 hours, including an awakening and search by Reno cops; then went from Twin City to Whole Foods and right away got a ride with Chris and Kyle. I was on my way!

Experimenting, I'm finding there are only very few places that need padding in order for me to sleep comfortably on a flat surface: primarily my coccyx and head. I'm planning to experiment with what I call "micropadding" sewn into, or Velcrod onto, my clothes.

I've also been thinking about using popcorn, or other popped grains, as blown insulation. If rodents could be kept out of it, it ought to work great. Has anyone ever tried it?

I forgot to make sunscreen this year, and am experimenting with using playa dust for that purpose. I only spent a few hours naked today, and plan to gradually increase the time each day.

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