No place on the NM ballot for write-ins. Cast my protest vote for Libertarian Party candidate Bob Barr instead, and voted for gun rights otherwise.

Has anyone ever set Poe's The Raven to music? Seems to me it's a good match for punk rock or any kind of metal band.

Looking for stereovision goggles that could switch between builtin cameras over each eye, to an iPod or other device. And I wonder, if the goggles could emit infrared, could blind peoples' eyes be sensitive enough to heat that they could "see", after a fashion?

One of my gardening buddies today told me he'd had good luck with sand cherries and Nanking cherries up in Taos. I just planted a couple more of those Flying Dragon trifoliate orange bushes. Hope I have better luck this winter. Also have a coffee plant for indoors. But can I remember to water it? Time will tell.

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