Finally found where the bogus "vga=normat" was coming from on my DSL USB key. It was in /cdrom/boot/grub/menu.lst. Just edited it out, and it should boot up without a hitch next time.

Botched a job I scored on Craigslist, couldn't figure out in time how to automate Yahoo! logins. Finally worked out a method using WSH to control Internet Explorer through its COM object, but didn't have enough confidence to continue. I might try again today just for the hell of it, since my customer already moved on to another coder... it would be useful knowledge for future jobs.

I think I could make a living on RentACoder and Craigslist, but I'd be working pretty much fulltime to do so. And that's no fun. Then again, if I get the USPS job it won't be fun either, but I'll have a lot more spending money. So far the Post Office hasn't found a way to outsource their machine maintenance to India or China.

Jogged the 4.5 miles to the border again this morning. Nothing open for breakfast, so caught the bus back to town for 50 cents and had a good breakfast at La Casita for $3.21: a humungous egg-and-bacon burrito and coffee. Plus a dollar tip it was still a damned good deal. I'm liking that restaurant more all the time. Always fast and friendly service, good food, and good prices. And I haven't found them closed in over a year; I was always bitching before about walking the 4 blocks only to find it locked, but that's not happening any more.

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