I lost most of this dream shotly after waking but want to get some snippets of it down. I guess I was working at a big brick store in a city. I was walking out of the store, and a horse, who had a long and beautiful name I forgot, but her father's name was Yuni, was lying on her side in the hard-packed dirt, moving her legs and mouth. I realized she was laughing. "So funny! So funny!" she started saying, and I was so shocked to hear a horse talk that I started writing the words with my finger in the dirt.

I lost most of the rest, but remember the horse mentioned that being obedient, she got to see something about people -- something funny, obviously, but precisely what, I can't remember -- and I replied that I was in a servile position once and noticed the same thing. I went back into the store, looking to find someone to tell this to who wouldn't think I was a total nutcase, and chose a young lady who worked behind the counter. While talking to her, my own mouth spoke the words aloud and I awoke.

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