I didn't know guys could get yeast infection. Yuck. Maybe I should wash my underwear more than once every few months... ya think? Put some tea tree oil on my balls and they're feeling much better.

Finally got around to setting some longer, more difficult, passwords on my most important web accounts and on my server logins; now that every cracker in the world has access to distributed supercomputers, it was only a matter of time before someone would have cracked my 6-letter password, if they hadn't already. A friend of mine had her Yahoo account stolen a few weeks back by someone in China, and her password wasn't a dictionary word and was 8 letters long.

Also, I learned how to use Exim's /etc/exim4/local_*_blacklist to cut back on spam. I'm really cutthroat at the moment, adding whole /16's and even a /8 for a single incident. I don't believe I have ever gotten a legitimate email from APNIC, or anywhere in Russia, or Brazil anyway, where most of the crap is originating.

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