I've been making sourdough for a week or two now. The easy way, just leaving whole what flour mixed with water left out of the sun with a towel on it. When it gets sour, make some awesome pancakes with it, and stir in more flour and water. When it goes bad, wash out the bowl and start over.

I got a free sample of a Beerbelly hydration frontpack, either because those guys are generous or clueless, I havent figured out which. Go to their website and order one, select Paypal as your payment option, then bail out once you get redirected to PayPal. See if they send you one. Anyway, it's the best hydration pack for jogging that I've found. It chafed on small spot on my belly, but once that heals I should be good to go.

I have a new favorite beer, Kona Pipeline Porter, joining beer and coffee in a most unholy and delightful matrimony. Don't worry, Downtown Brown, I still love you! I'm poly, remember?

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