The sun peeked out for a little while on the Blue Line trip to Long Beach, and I imagined I'd be able to get some sleep today. But it clouded up again, and a crow seemed to be warning me away from the park. So now I'm just looking for a decent place to have lunch. Not much is open.

Last night at the Greyhound station wasn't good for sleep either; a combination of wearing the BeerBelly hydradion pack for too many days in a row, a wool underlayer rather than Capilene, and baking soda from my underarm guards conspired to form a sticky, caustic paste that caused a painful rash on my belly. So I haven't really had any decent sleep since Sunday night.

Still looks like Friday is the break in the Oregon snowstorms that will enable me to continue on my Northward journey.

I tried #145, the spicy seafood on angelhair pasta, at Hop Woo's yesterday. Huge and delicious, but too many carbs. I need something more Paleolithic today, to balance my system.

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