If I'd gotten to Greyhound before they closed, I could have spent the night there, as I saw through the window people were doing. But no, I just hadda stay at Elysian until closing. Now I've got to wait over an hour till the big gray dog reopens at 6.

The driver had mentioned cynically, as we entered Seattle a few days ago, that since Greyhound didn't own the restaurant operating out of its building, the food was pretty good. I ate there, Pho Bac, yesterday, and I have to agree. Its prices are very competitive, too.

I'm almost finished my first Neil Gaiman book, American Gods. It looks to have been influenced by Pynchon's Mason and Dixon, and Quinn's The Holy, but it definitely stands on its own as well.

I had decided to sleep at Greyhound yesterday morning rather than try the room at Club Z, which might have had gay couples fucking in adjoining rooms. The Greyhound only had muffled conversations and a TV at low volume.

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