Had a nice nap in Long Beach this morning. Didn't get up till about 1:30 PM.

Thinking of starting a free workshop on guerilla gardening and urban hunting. Got to try catching pigeons with a castnet. They can be cooked in parks that have barbecue grills, such as those just south of Blue Line stations Firestone and Vernon.

There's at least one REI store in LA easily accessible from the Metro: from the Green Line Douglas station, walk South on Douglas one block to Rosencrans. Turn left (East) and walk about two blocks towards the overpass. You'll see REI across the street. Got my money back for the StormSocks I'd bought in Seattle for their water resistance; they were OK in light rain but they let slush right on through.

It takes about 20 minutes to walk to Hank's from Grand station. Probably quicker to take the Blue Line to the end and walk from 7th and Fig, but I felt adventurous. Didn't know the bartender, it wasn't tattoed Debi nor red-dyed Teresa. But good old Mike was there as usual. That's gotta be one of the friendliest bars in the galaxy.

Had just one pint of ESB, stopped at 7th and Main for my taco de carnitas, then walked to Greyhound on the East side of 7th. There were ramps at least to Alameda. Should be in Deming tomorrow morning sometime.

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