Chomsky on Anarchism was illuminating, but I found the same anarcho-syndicalist viewpoint that disturbed me in James Herod's work. Why must we continue the producer-consumer paradigm? To me, that's more dangerous than capitalism per se; people living freely might choose to work for someone else for a limited time to obtain some benefit. I know I do at times. But if I don't grow my own food, or obtain it via hunting and gathering, I am always at the mercy of those who do. Chomsky seems to dismiss growing a garden as "dropping out" (though he doesn't use that term), and won't consider it for himself. All well and good; there is no one right way for people to live. But I'm looking ahead to a future where that option is rejected by a majority of humans. People who stockpile the large quantities of food necessary for that lifestyle will always have to be watched by those of us who choose to live more sustainably; such a culture can turn into another earth-destroying virus as it is now.

I went with some friends into the Tres Hermanas mountains today, looking for a reservoir called Crump Tank. We found it, but it was dry. Just a few yards south of it, crossing the jeep trail, was a little water seeping out of the rocks, but no noticeable flow. Not good enough to sustain even a small tribe. I've got an old 1917-era topographic map on order that should show some other possibilities for water. Check my recent del.icio.us links for some useful resources including free topographic maps, which Topozone.com used to provide before they turned evil.

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