Warning: this will be even more disjointed than my usual rambling. It's just a bunch of notes over the past few days which have some possible value.

Urine may be useful for dissolving caliche, making it easier to dig.

Has anyone tried making "neon" signs out of EL (electroluminescent) wire? It would seem to be a good, cheap, non-fragile way to go about it.

When I connected 12V to the Asus router a few weeks back, I must have fried the wifi hardware as well as my USB stick. I don't know why I didn't notice it before. It's still useful as a 4-port router (layer 4 switch), but that's about it.

I bought a Horton Trac 150 crossbow on eBay before I went on my last trip, and tested it out when I got back. I thought at first I couldn't pull the string, but I gave it my full effort and after about 3/4s of its travel it got easier. To release it, I put a welding glove on my right hand, pulled the trigger, and was able to save the string without cutting my fingers off.

My brother turned me onto this character. He's got lots of useful ideas and information. You could get lost on this site for hours. Just one tickler: a composter that can heat your home for the winter, and can compost plastics!

Lots of people in this area cut back their cactus plants and throw away the cuttings. These, especially "teddy-bear" or "jumping" cholla, ought to make a good rabbit fence around agaves and spineless prickly pear. The stuff will grow, too, even if it's just thrown on the ground.

I've been thinking of a way to exercise my right of "open carry" but still be able to legally walk into the Post Office, bars, and across the border into Mexico. How about a helium-filled aluminum radio-controlled craft, that I can lock my pistol into and leave floating about 20 feet up? Thinking more about it, a rollaround lockable metal box would be far cheaper, easier to make, and could be secured to a bicycle rack with an ordinary bike lock. Nobody would likely dare mess with it with people around.

Why is the government-looking building at 1701 Columbus Highway, across from Sun Valley Hardware in Deming, so secretive? Nothing but the flag and the official-looking lettering of the address on the front for identification. A google search indicates it's an office of the US Customs Service. Never seen anything but unmarked vehicles, mostly pickup trucks, entering and leaving. Black ops, possibly. Lots of comm antennas.

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