Tell me it's a coincidence. Yesterday I sent emails to Sen. Bingaman and Rep. Teague, urging them to squash HR45 and to read John Ross's Unintended Consequences. This afternoon, a white Dodge maxivan with black-tinted windows comes snooping around my place. I would have stopped them but I was across the way, hunting with my air rifle, when it happened.

I scored some 1.72uF caps rated 400VDC but obviously nonpolarized, at the Deming Radio Shack today. Put one in series with a 65W floodlamp, and dimmed it to a soft orange glow. Then ran it through a bridge rectifier, and measured 5VDC across the 21 DC ohms of the bulb. I'm finally getting close to being able to power those $7 Wal-Mart tent lamps from the grid.

One of my goals this year is to get 10% of my food by growing, hunting, and gathering. Killed and cooked a dove this evening, which I plan to eat tomorrow. I do believe this goal is achievable. But will it be enough? Time will tell.

The rain finally came, but not enough. Still, coming home from Deming today, I saw how much last year's growth changed the area. It's looking less like desert and more like the savannah it once was. The next easy step is to convert the savannah to rainforest, as in the Gaviotas miracle. Voila!

Finished reading Crichton's State of Fear yesterday. It dishes up a goodly amount of food for thought regarding global warming, among other things.

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