Just call me "Sparky". I couldn't wait to test out the capacitor current limiting on one of the Wal-Mart tent lamps, so I went for it. The LEDs glowed brightly for a second or two, then snap! crackle! pop! sizzle! and the show was over. So I guess I had a wee bit too much current.

I'm thinking about camping out in the Tres Hermanas tomorrow night, in preparation for my walk to El Paso, which will take me 3 days or more. It's gonna be cold. But I'm afraid I'd be too spooked in the old mine, which would be warmer. Maybe the cave, I can have a fire in there which won't be noticeable.

I'm getting more comfortable carrying a weapon. I remembered not to walk into the Post Office wearing it, and to stow it before walking across the border into Mexico today. It's not that difficult. And since New Mexico law considers a bicycle a "vehicle", I can leave a gun secured somehow on my bike and walk into the Post Office, or a bar, or a government building without running afoul of the law.

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