I wasn't going to blog this dream, but I still remember it hours later, so maybe there's a reason...

This is a recurring dreamscape I call "The Subway". It resembles both the New York and Los Angeles subways in some respects, and in the dreams I think of it as NYC but the climate is LA all the way. One of the prerecorded announcements that regularly plays is something like "Large and bulky items are not allowed on the subway. If you must regularly travel with large or bulky items, a storage locker is available at this station", referring, of course, to the station at which this announcement is played, one of the downtown stations.

Well, this time I went to look for the station manager. I asked first downstairs, and the guy said something like "Mr. Wong will be back soon", but then I realized he was talking about the manager of the store on that floor. So I went upstairs. The guy in uniform there had that "dirty hippie" disdain for me, and was trying to get me to go away, but I noticed the name on his badge wasn't what I had heard in the announcement. Then the station manager appeared, and he seemed to agree that the tools I was carrying qualified as "bulky". All of a sudden the other employees were friendly towards me. I was talking to one of them about how DDT was causing tumor growth in rats that caused them to suffocate when I woke up.

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