Oh, about that snow Tuesday: strangely enough, it didn't leave any noticeable moisture on the ground when most of it disappeared, the same day. My guess is that it sublimated directly to vapor in the dry air and stiff wind. But I found small patches of snow yesterday near the banks of the arroyo, Mary Lee Draw, where neither sun nor wind had touched it.

I've been thinking about things like the "body type" and "blood type" diets. If they work, it's because they give you a clue as to your genetic makeup. But why not simply let your body let you know what food it wants? That will create a diet perfectly suited to your own DNA. Your body already knows what's good for it and what isn't. But salt and spices cloud your body's ability to warn you of food toxic to your system; if you like a food plain, chances are it's good for you.

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